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  • Teddy Afro- A NEW BREED Leader April 19, 2017
    Following the release of Teddy Afro’s new album, social media has been very busy entertaining the reactions of both admirers and detractors. I’m not here to add anything into the on going debates. I’ve not even yet listened his songs 🙂 lol Whether you’re his fan or critic, one thing you cannot deny is Teddy greatly matters […]
  • More than anything else the NEW BREED leaders need TRUST April 2, 2017
    If there is one thing- more than anything else, the NEW BREED leaders need is TRUST.   Without trust, it is unlikely to rally your supporters, partners, and other stakeholders.   Unfortunately, trust is a rare commodity.   Very few leaders consciously build, and sustain trust.   Building trust may take years, if not decades, […]
  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader January 5, 2017
    In the 21st C, where competition is fierce and going to be fiercer, inclusive leaders are the only ones that are capable enough to lead their organizations to the next height. Inclusive leaders don’t feed their ego and seek to be right all the time. They are graceful when their ideas and positions are questioned. […]