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  • Book Excerpt- Daniel Bryan fought for his dreams June 16, 2018
    “…One of my wrestling heroes is Daniel Bryan. To his dismay and disappointment of his fans including myself, he retired prematurely on February 8, 2016. For more than two years, he had been depressed since he couldn’t do what he loved to do: Perform in the ring and entertain millions of fans around the world. […]
  • Book Excerpt- Mandela’s resilience June 16, 2018
    “…Why was Mandela celebrated, not just by South Africans but also around the world? Simple. His endurance. Otherwise, there were many freedom fighters who paid more dire prices including their very lives than Mandela. What made him unique and different was his courage to face seemingly insurmountable challenges. His determination to outlast all of them. […]
  • Tapping was done for Grads Career Festival June 5, 2018
    I just finished the tapping for this year’s Grads Career Festival that attracts hundreds of thousands, if not millions of college graduates. My presentation will be the first from the Soft Skills track and is based on my third book Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success ( The recording will be available on […]