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  • Vision has no boundary (excerpt) January 20, 2018
    Below are the four grand truths about vision, which I hope encourages you to begin seeing your purpose in a picture and pursue vision-centered greatness: Unlike other creations, humanity has two sets of eyes- sight and insight As much as our physical eyes are vital to succeed in the physical world, our inner eye is […]
  • Billions died without leaving any mark but this won’t be your fate! November 27, 2017
    I like what one of the great scientists George Washington Carver said, “No individual has any right to come into this world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.” Sadly, billions have been passing through this universe for centuries without leaving behind something that outlasted them. […]
  • Questions that took me more than two decades to answer November 27, 2017
    “For more than two decades, I’ve been asking: 1. What is greatness? 2. How do we measure greatness? 3. Why have only a few achieved greatness? 4. How did those few unleash their greatness? In other words, was there a pattern the great ones adopted, which if we follow, it could enable us to unchain […]