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Assegid is the author of Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to Fulfillment in Life! He is also a coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer in the area of leadership and personal development at Success Pathways, LLC. He is also the Founder and Chairman of PRO Leadership Global Inc., and President of Assegid Habtewold Ministries.

Holistic Leadership Development

The 21st century needs world-class, not any kind of, leaders at all levels to tap into the opportunities the century offers and overcome the challenges it presents. We inspire everyone to become a ‘true’ leader. We’re committed to equipping world-class leaders by designing holistic leadership development programs right for the stages at which the leaders are.

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Reengineer your genes, reform your culture

After having an interesting offline chat with a colleague, I thought expanding on my earlier post about re-engineering your genetic blueprint and playing your part in reforming your culture. The reason is simple.

Your DNA, which you inherited from your parents, is stubborn that it makes sure you look just like one or more of your ancestors 😀 Well, you can’t change the hard core genes that dictate your appearance, and you shouldn’t! However, you also inherited their personalities. Well, you don’t need to change those empowering traits but what about their disempowering fears, doubts, temper, and so on that made and kept them underdogs? You should work on your epigenetics to make sure these won’t dominate you. What is more? They won’t be inherited to your kids.

Likewise, culture is stubborn too. It makes sure you think, behave, decide, and act like everyone in that culture. Well, keep empowering cultural attributes while disarming those that create havoc in your organization and society. Where you’re as a team and a community is dependent on the values of your culture. If you don’t like what you see in your organization/society, you can’t do anything meaningful to change the situation without reforming the underlying culture. You owe this and the next generations! You should do something to liberate them from those cultural values that are limiting you from reaching your highest self at personal, corporate, and societal levels. Play your fair part.

But, you can’t successfully do so unless you outgrow your current genes and disempowering values of your culture. Thus, commit yourself to grow on a consistent basis by investing on your personal development. And, we are here to help.

Let me know your thoughts. For more about our personal development program, check this page out:

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Improvise your Genes, reform your culture

What I am thinking on this 1st Saturday since I arrived on this side of the Atlantic ocean? One is robbing his bloodline in particular and the human race at large if he/she fails to improvise his/her own genetic blueprint (including their epigenetics), and the culture they live and work in.

It is selfish, to say the least, to just take in and never give back into the gene-pool of your bloodline, and your corporate and societal cultures.

As part of your personal development, what are you doing to reengineer your genetic code, evolve as a person, and play your fair share in reforming your culture?

Check our website and see how our Personal Development program can help you march forward toward personal mastery and in the process become a better person and citizen who not only transform your life, career, business, but also add positive values toward the evolution of your community, organization, and humanity one day at a time.

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Corporate Culture for a Competitive Edge

Regardless of adopting the latest technologies, producing great products and services, having a hardworking workforce, why do many organizations struggle to remain competitive? On the other hand, why do those organizations that have average people, products, services, and technologies continue to thrive even in bad times? The difference-maker is the culture! It makes or breaks; it either enhances or derails. We can empower your leaders to transform your organization by contributing their share in creating and nurturing a unique and robust culture right for your mission and brand, that aligns with your core values and strategic choices. A corporate culture that fosters creativity, innovation, learning, growth, synergy, harmony, etc. Check our website to see how one of our Organizational Development programs can help you create and nurture a unique and robust culture:





Becoming Insanely Awake

Smart leaders and organizations (think of Google, Apple, etc.) understand that a spiritually awaken workforce is creative, innovative, passionate, caring, loving, and more. As a result, they create and nurture a conducive environment that allows their people- regardless of their religious affiliations, to tap into their spiritual side, increase their consciousness, and grow spiritually on a consistent basis. Are you investing in the spiritual development of your people? What are you doing personally and corporately to help yourself and your people insanely awake and grow spiritually on a regular basis? Check out our website and see the kind of Spiritual Development program we can design and deliver for your people:

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