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The Dr. AZ Show aims at transforming underdogs into greats. The show produces episodes that inspire, challenge, and equip which in turn transform underdogs into great ones through leadership development. Join Dr. AZ for weekly inspiration, insights, and leadership tips to tap into your limitless potential and ultimately unchain your greatness.

Episode 1: Potential Conscious

Have you questioned your abilities? Are you focused on who you have been and where you have been than who you could become and where you are going? Are you bowing your head because of temporary setbacks? Have you been told that you don’t amount to anything, and you even believed it? In this episode, you will get some insightful analogies and simple but powerful steps you can take to remain focused on your potential. You will also find some of Dr. AZ’s own stories about how he dealt with the small self-critic voice within, disappointments, belittling, and so on.

Episode 2: Serving Based on Your Uniqueness

Have you been struggling to stand out? Have you wondered why some people and companies are so competitive and always on top? Are you wondering how you may excel in what you do? If you said yes to one of these questions, this episode is for you. In this episode, Dr. AZ talked about the importance of serving based on your uniqueness, your competitive advantage. In this episode, Dr. AZ pointed out how successful people and companies carved their own unique brand to remain competitive even in bad times. He also shared 3 potential areas where you could find your uniqueness. He also shared his own experience of how he has been attempting to serve based on his uniqueness.

Bonus: 1 Strategic Approach Successful People Use

As you strategize and plan for the New Year, consider watching the video clip below: “1 Strategic Approach Successful People Use”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9IRyHSj0nU

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