Excelling as first-time leader from the get-go

Emerging leaders have the enthusiasm and energy to take lead. They are eager to serve. However, they face tremendous challenges as they transition from star employees to first-time team leads, project managers, supervisors, or business owners. Part of the problem is that when organizations find high-performing employees, they quickly promote them without equipping them to manage the transition well.

As Marshall Goldsmith said, ‘What got you here, won’t get you there,’ those qualities that allowed them to excel as star employees don’t necessarily help them to succeed in their first-timer leadership role. They may even come in the way to sabotage the transition since the mindset, personality, and competencies that enabled them to succeed as team members are totally different than the ones needed to succeed as 1st-time leaders. Unfortunately, very few organizations prepare their 1st timers adequately. Most of the time, they throw them into the deep water either to swim or sink. 

According to a study held by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), “within the first 24 months of taking a new position, 60% of new supervisors fail”. The main reason of failure is the total lack of or inadequate training to lead others. Many emerging team-leads, project managers, and supervisors struggle to be in charge from the start, make team members accountable, create and maintain the necessary relationships with stakeholders, influence their superiors, and deliver quick results.  These in turn erode their confidence and complicate their effectiveness from the get-go.

Therefore, this program will empower your first-timers to make a smooth transition and ultimately lead with increased confidence. It enables them to quickly develop the right mindset, recognize and begin developing the necessary competencies they need to succeed out of the gate.

Who: Professionals who aspire to lead, recently promoted supervisors, junior team-leads, project managers, new business owners.

Learning Objectives:

The main goal of this program is to equip 1st-time leaders to excel in leading their teams, get along with other stakeholders, and influence their superiors to deliver quick results from the get-go. Below are some of the specific objectives of the program:

  • To understand the fundamentals of leadership and recognize the importance of self-leadership to lead others effectively,
  • To acknowledge the challenges facing 1st timers, and learn how to overcome them to make a smooth transition to excel beyond the first-time leadership role,
  • To identify essential leadership competencies mandatory to succeed as first timers, and begin developing these mandatory skills necessary for first timers to excel in their ability to lead their team, get along with internal and external customers and other key stakeholders, and influence peers and superiors to succeed as 1st timers, and
  • To get practical tools, models, templates, approaches, strategies, and tactics that can be used right away to bring meaningful changes and outstanding results right away.

Format: 30 – 90 minutes keynote (in person or virtually)


  1. The recently published book “Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome”, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, will be given to participants as a bonus.
  2. As a follow-up to this keynote, we can customize and deliver our 12 sessions Emerging Leaders leadership development program for your first-timers.
  3. You can also request the Emerging Leaders program to be given to your emerging leaders in the form of group coaching.
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