Dr. AZ inspires, equips, and empowers underdogs to become topdogs and greats in the area of their passion through:

  • Personal development,
  • Leadership development, and
  • Spiritual development programs.

He has a soft spot for underdogs around the world such as:

  • People of color,
  • Immigrants,
  • Women,
  • Individuals with disabilities, and
  • People who are discounted by their society because of their underdog economic, social, and mental status.

He cares about underdogs because he is a typical underdog.

From humble beginnings, Dr. AZ grew up in one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia. He was the 1st in his family to graduate from college. His mother never went to school, and his dad didn’t graduate from high school. They didn’t have an indoor toilet as they grew up. They had to use an outdoor toilet and take a shower once per week in the kitchen. Nonetheless, abject poverty and his underdog status didn’t stop him from dreaming big.

AZ moved to the United States in 2005 and began his underdog journey as an immigrant struggling to adapt to the new culture and learn the American accent. Though he spoke English, he had difficulty understanding the American accent. He was also asked to repeat himself again and again because of his thick accent. Rather than giving up and playing victim, he challenged himself and worked on his accent and pronunciation, knowing that speaking proper American English as he serves people from diverse cultures was crucial for him to pursue his passion for empowering underdogs like himself.

He earned his first degree in Veterinary Medicine in Ethiopia. He then came to the US, did his Master’s in Computer Science, and ultimately capped his formal education with Doctor of Strategic Leadership. Making a shift from a science background into a totally different field- Leadership, was tough, to say the least. Because of the underdogs turned topdogs psychology he had developed, he could make a successful transition. He now serves leaders in some government agencies, major corporations, and community organizations both in the US and Ethiopia.

AZ became a sought-after speaker, coach, and trainer continuing to this day to provide leadership and empowerment training programs. He has dedicated his professional career to helping others achieve more in life, and he continues to refine his process and his teachings to make them even more powerful.

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Many underdogs desire to live life on their terms, but few ever achieve it. Dr. AZ Habtewold finds this unnecessary tragedy created only by a lack of understanding of what it takes to go from underdog to topdog. Those few who turned from underdog to topdog were like everyone else, underdogs, before starting their rewarding journey toward greatness. They also left plenty of footprints that allowed them to experience a major transformation during their lifetime.

AZ, also known as the “Transformation Strategist,” has made it simple and easy for anyone who desires more in life to architect a step-by-step plan of achievable goals to take themselves to the top in the profession or calling of their choice. AZ has himself architected the perfect fusion of leadership and refined underdog to topdog empowerment principles to allow anyone who commits to follow them to create the lifestyle they desire. 

AZ is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Many of the workshops he facilitates involve taking some assessments on TKI,  MBTI, EQ, TKI, 360°, and so on. He has certifications such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ i 2.0) where he provides individual and group debriefings ON THESE THEMES.

He is also a member of:

  • National Speakers Association (NSA),
  • International Leadership Association (ILA),
  • Association for Talent Development (ATD),
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM),
  • PMI (Project Management Institute), and
  • Toastmasters International.

He is the author of five books:

  • Redefining Leadership
  • The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks for Continued Success in Leadership
  • Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success
  • The Highest Level of Greatness
  • Unchain Your Greatness
  • Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome in Leadership (in press)

AZ produces two shows: a) Pick Yourself Up, which airs at Montgomery County Channel 16, and b) Dr. AZ Show, a YouTube channel, which aims at transforming underdogs into greats. His shows provide the perfect vehicle to empower underdogs in the US and around the world.

In conclusion, the journey that began as an underdog turned into inspiring underdogs to believe in their unlimited potential, configure their mindset, and develop their competencies and character to manifest their greatness in their own unique way. The journey continues. Will you join him?This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Black-and-White.jpg

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