The story of Dr. Assegid (AZ)  Habtewold is a typical underdog story. He was born and raised in one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia. No one from his family graduated from college. As he grew up, he didn’t have access to library nor TV. Never heard or known anyone from his village or city or the entire country who pursued the profession he is in today. The only thing he had when he began his journey over two decades ago was a glimpse of his potential, and a little bit of faith. With these seemingly insignificant revealations, he began taking leadership starting from his village. Establishing a youth association, he inspired and organized his peers to serve his community. He went on to enroll at the largest university in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University, and became the president of the students’ union where he had a chance to serve his fellow students, travel within and outside of the country to inspire students in Ethiopia and Africa.

That journey which began as an underdog turned into inspiring underdogs to believ in their unlimited potential, configure their mindset, and develop their competencies and character to manifest their greatness in their own unique way. Today Dr. AZ:

    • Has a doctoral degree in strategic leadership
    • Worked as a researcher and software engineer
    • Wrote five books on the themes greatness, soft skills, and leadership
    • Speaks at major events within his community
    • Coaches and facilitates workshops in some government agencies and major corporations on topics such as Change Management, Project Management, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, Conflict Management, Analysis and Problem Solving, Ethical Decision Making, Feedback Giving and Receiving, Building Coalitions, Coaching Skills, Motivation, Negotiation, Team Building, Communication Startegies, Time Management, and Strategic Thinking and Planning.
    • Has been a talk show host since 2013


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