Becoming insanely self-aware

You can’t go beyond your self-imposed limitations. Sadly, these are deeply located at the subconscious level. It takes increasing your self-awareness to uncover & get rid of them. Check out our Personal Development Program to see how we may help you in this journey

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True change begins in You

“True change does not begin with declarations, legislation, and grand action. These are its effects. Great change occurs somewhat quietly, almost imperceptibly, but always first in the minds of people.” Noah Samara, Chairman and CEO of World Space and Yazmi USA.

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Pursue the assignment of your soul

If you’ve been committed to a passion for awhile, let’s say for over a decade, your ego is nothing to do with sponsoring it,  especially if you have been persisting against all kinds of odds. Ego can only commit to things that render immediate gratification. Or else, it quits, especially if the road you’re taking is rough.

Your passion must have come from your soul to pursue it for years regardless of continual setbacks and disappointments. Your soul can source what so ever energy (it can afford sourcing even if you need trillions of mega watt on a consistent basis) and resilience you need if you pursue its mission on earth.

What is more? It rewards you with peace, contentment, joy, and fulfillment that pass all understanding. I am not talking about rewards on the other side of eternity when you (rather your body) dies. No! In the Now! Thus, be of good cheer 🙏🙏🙏


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Leadership in times of crisis at the Ministry of Education

This morning at the Ministry of Education, I facilitated a discussion on the theme ‘Leadership in Times of Crisis’. The session was opened by the State Minister H.E. Dr. Samuel Kifle.

We talked about the need to continual grow as leaders, especially in times of crisis so as to survive, outlast, and thrive in the aftermath. We also talked about how one’s leadership is tested in times of crisis (more than in times of peace and normalcy), and the way a leader responds and handles it determines his/her success now and in the future.

Some examples of leaders and institutions that succeeded and those that stumbled when faced with a crisis, and why. Once covered some background information, the rest of the session focused on answering a few major practical questions: What are some of the qualities crisis (war) time leaders have and how can we develop those attributes we don’t yet have to lead ourselves, our team, department in the midst of crises? What differentiates institutions (teams) that survive and even thrive in times of crisis from those which become bankrupt or irrelevant or those that struggle to just survive? What kind of mindset, early warning system, process, ad hoc crisis response team, and so on are needed to be proactive, responsive (restorative), and resilient in times of crisis? Thank you so much Dr. Solomon Abrha for coordinating the meeting successful.

I learned that these leaders have tried their best to respond to multiple crises at once to serve our country’s higher educations, students, teachers, and other stakeholders by being proactive, calm, and committed in the midst of overwhelming and stressful challenges. This is my hope that the conversation we had may inspire and equip them to take their crisis time leadership to the next level so that not only they overcome the bottlenecks they are facing now and in the near future but also get ready more than ever to handle future unforeseeable crises.

Interview with Dr. Scott Allen

Here is an interview I had with Dr. Scott Allen based on my latest book ‘Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome’. Listen to it when you get a chance and let me know your feedback. You may also share the interview to those who may benefit from the conversation I had with Scott:

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