We all need:


  • One-on-one or small group PRIME attention,
  • The option to ask questions in private, and
  • An accountability partner to accelerate our growth and in turn, quickly see significant changes. 
  • If you have the above needs for one of our pathways, we provide transformational individual and group coaching for those who desire to become world-class in what they do and ultimately attain individual and collective greatness in their own unique ways.

I can offer coaching without or with self and/or multi raters assessments. I’m a certified coach. I’ve also other certifications for the most important personal and leadership development assessments. I’ve been providing one-on-one debriefings and group coaching for years.

Who do need my coaching?

You may need one or more of my coaching services if you:

  • Desire to improve your performance, get along better, turn conflicts into opportunities, become productive and meet deadlines and clients’ expectations, and achieve your individual and corporate goals.
  • Want to tap into your potential and take your life, career, or leadership to the next level by leveraging your talent, gifting, and strengths.
  • Would like to increase your self-awareness, discover your limitations, and uncover your blind spots that are slowing or even sabotaging your progress and relationships by coming up with a growth plan to reduce and ultimately eliminate their negative impacts.
  • Are interested to know your (and the people who live and work with you) personality types, preferences, leadership styles, and so on by taking some self-assessments and getting a debrief plus coaching based on the results so that you increase your self-awareness, get along better, and lead diverse people with leadership excellence.
  • Want to get feedback from peers, superiors, and direct reports, and then get coaching based on the feedback to capitalize on the feedback you got and become a better person and leader.
  • Have been looking for the latest insights, frameworks/models, practical approaches, strategies, and tactics that shorten the learning curve and empower you to perform, lead, and influence better.
  • Got inspired and even challenged by one of my presentations (keynote or motivational speech) and you don’t want to lose the learning you gained too soon. You worried that you may not keep the momentum.
  • Read one of my books and you are now interested in getting those insights, models, tools, strategies, and tactics that couldn’t make it to the book because of space limitations.
  • Attended one of my stand-alone workshops/webinars individually or with your group and you are now interested in diving deep and dedicating some more energy, resources, and time to cement the learning, see some meaningful changes, and in turn attain tangible results.

If you relate to one or more of the above realities, you have come to the right place. Reach out to our team via [email protected] to schedule for a one-on-one call and I look forward to chatting with you.

How does it work?

  • We’ll have 30 minutes initial get to know each other session to determine whether coaching is the right approach, whether I’m the right coach.
  • If it’s determined mutually that we’re the right fit in the first part of the get to know each other session, we will talk about your coaching needs.
  • We’ll then determine which assessment (s) are appropriate to take before starting the coaching program.
  • We will arrange for you to take the assessments online from well-known vendors.
  • I or another coach (if you have chosen another coach based on your needs) will be assigned for you.
  • We’ll get your results (we’ll never share your results with anyone, we will delete them after the coaching program. You’ll only be the one to keep a copy).
  • There will be 90 – 120 minutes of debriefing coaching for each assessment.
  • You’ll, together with me (the coach), identify a few growth areas you would like to work with me (the coach), determine how frequently we should meet, for how long, and the two of us (you) will take it from there.

What my coaching looks like?

My typical coaching program takes up to 12 – 15 sessions, 1 hour per week (but I’m very flexible to accommodate your preference and schedule). The coaching sessions can be conducted via video conferencing or over the phone or a mix of these as agreed between the two parties. I have a well-developed coaching framework that has:

  1. Clear outcomes for each session
  2. Insights to give background and context for each topic
  3. Relevant and latest models to deepen understanding
  4. Well coined questions to provide clarity, identify gaps, and take measures
  5. Practical implementation strategies and tactics in each session
  6. Some tools, templates, & samples
  7. Relevant assessment (s) to take
  8. Assignments and homework to be completed after each session

Reach out to our team via [email protected] and the team will get back to you as soon as possible with potential dates and times to meet for one-on-one with me or another coach. You will then get a 30 – 60 minutes free strategic session:

  • To learn your coaching needs,
  • To decide whether coaching is the right service, and
  • To see if one of our coaches is the right coach for you.

Once the decision is made and if you’re still interested to pursue the program, a consultation will be made:

  • To identify your coaching goals,
  • To acknowledge your preferences,
  • To finalize the outline of the program, and
  • To talk about the next steps.