“Dr. AZ Habtewold is much more than a keynote speaker.  As an AV professional, I have had the opportunity to see many keynote speakers.  What I loved most about Dr. AZ is he is much more than an excellent speaker.  He is a role model for self-leadership.  Dr. AZ’s message is refreshing as it acknowledges that emerging leaders need training, mentoring, and space to learn.  Many speakers can put on a good show, but Dr. AZ’s contagious optimism allowed me to believe I could grow at a quantum level.”

Brian Monahan

Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Prestige AV & Creative Services


“AZ, you did a fantastic job at the MPI 2022 ReConEx Conference! I was able to tune into both your opening keynote panel and breakout sessions. Your breakout presentation on “How to Experience a Quantum Leap: Tackle the 3 Battlefronts & Take Your Career/Business to the Next Level” was very thought-provoking and motivating! There was so much invaluable content that I could not write fast enough! I felt that you used your time very wisely allowing enough time in the end for questions. You were also very engaging with the virtual audience. Thank you for your contributions and for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Carolyn A. Patterson-Kemper

M.S., CMP, DES Principal/Copywriter, CPK Writers


“It was wonderful to finally meet Dr. AZ in person, as well as get to witness firsthand his ability to engage 150+ audience and capture their undivided attention as he spoke and shared his story, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance. Fortunately, he also did a break-out session with practical solutions and actions because the attendees wanted more.”

Leila Davids

Destination Sales Manager Visit Montgomery, MD


“In 2018, Assegid came to ECX and had a very productive conversation with our top leadership. I heard great compliments about the session. As a result, in 2019 when Assegid visited Addis again, we invited him to facilitate a two-day leadership workshop by bringing together our executive team, managers, and supervisors. During those 2 days, I could personally be able to notice that Assegid is passionate about leadership and he has a lot to offer. I also heard constructive feedback from participants during and after the workshop. The learning opportunity we had with Assegid brought tremendous improvement in the performance of our leadership and in turn ECX. We benefited from his ability to facilitate a very interactive workshop that was filled with so many up to the minute insights, tools, methods our team implemented right away. I recommend my fellow leaders to consider inviting Assegid to their organization, and I also encourage anyone who is interested to grow as a leader, to sign up for his online courses.”

Wondim Negera

CEO Ethiopian Commodity Exchange


“Assegid is a true professional. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him, side by side, a number of times.

Whether you are a supervisor, manager, or business owner you will truly benefit from his online courses.

He takes the time, and effort to create them in a way that are both full of pertinent and relevant information, but more importantly, are applicable to your needs. He is a great story teller as well, He has the great ability to communicate the material in a way you can both relate to and take action on. His world-wide experience gives him a unique perspective that is both refreshing and original. When you will take his course you will be glad you did.”

DW Starr

Market expert


On behalf of the Project Management Institute Silver Spring Chapter, we are grateful for the insightful and very interesting presentation you provided to our membership on “Effective Feedback Exchanges: How to create & nurture a feedback culture for soaring productivity” on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. The content was received with enthusiasm and will definitely strengthen any project management professional’s toolkit. Our members provided favorable feedback for your keynote, and found it interactive, engaging, and practical.”

David Craig

President of PMI Silver Spring Chapter.

“I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Assegid Habtewold at the Live2Lead Winchester leadership development conference, where he was one of the speakers. Dr. Habtewold’s talk was insightful and very applicable; many of the attenders commented that his talk generated quite a few notes and action items, and I would wholeheartedly agree! I can recommend Dr. Habtewold to you without reservation to speak at your next event; you’ll be so glad you invited him, and your attenders will benefit tremendously.”

Dr. William Attaway

Leadership and Executive Coach, Catalytic Leadership, LLC


I have had some opportunities to work with Dr. Assegid Habtewold since 2019. I was one of the invited speakers when his organization launched an initiative that aimed to empower emerging leaders. The opportunity gave me a chance to watch his presentation first hand. Following the event, I invited him to have a group coaching session with my leadership team. The opportunity gave us a chance to learn new leadership nuggets plus a chance to ask him some questions to get his perspectives. He shared fresh and empowering insights and approaches that we still practice till date. We used the consultative session to assess where we were, what was working very well, and what we might need to change to take our organization to the next height. The overall experience was very fruitful and we look forward to having similar sessions with him whenever he visits Addis. I highly recommend my fellow leaders to invite Assegid to work with their leadership and benefit from his expertise. If you’re a supervisor, project manager, or business owner, I encourage you to attend his live and online courses to take your leadership to the next level.”

Samuel Bekele

CEO of Spotlight Communications Ltd.


I recently had the pleasure of engaging the services of Dr. Assegid Habtewold for two separate events and would love to share experience with you.

One engagement was for our local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This was an in-person event and Dr. Habtewold was amazing! We received a ton of compliments from his presentation and he was gracious enough to bring a few of his books signed as door prizes.

His presentation was engaging and enlightening to the point that several of our chapter members recommended him to speak at a regional business event that hosts approximately 1,000 or more business leaders.

The second engagement was an in-person leadership development conference that was forced to go online during the Omicron surge. Dr. Habtewold was fantastic in being able to pivot to online for his presentation.

As a Doctor of Strategic Leadership, the Ted-style talk he presented really knocked it out of the park. As the event coordinator for that particular conference, it was a true pleasure to work with such a professional.

We also received great feedback on his content as well. He was gracious enough to stay around and participate in an expert panel forum at the end of the day.

If you are an event planner and are looking to hire an engaging speaker in the leadership arena, you can’t go wrong giving a second look to Dr. Assegid Habtewold for your conference keynote, breakout, or workshop today!

Dr. David A. Miles

Founder | Principal, Dr. Dave Leadership Corporation