Begin your Journey from Underdog to Topdog

The world is brutal, unfair, challenging & messy, especially for underdogs such as blacks, women, immigrants, and people with disabilities. A long time ago, regardless of being a typical underdog myself born in one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia, I made a decision to never behave & act like an underdog thinking & feeling inferior, inadequate, and victim. Once I made that choice, slowly but surely, I won myself toward my true self, then I vowed to play my fair share to empower other underdogs using my shows, books, organizations, and other platforms.

But, I quickly realized that I’m not a cheerleader for all underdogs. I found out that only those who are willing to take personal responsibilities; those who don’t dwell in victimhood mentality; who believe that they have what it takes to become the best in the area of their passion, one of the topdogs in their industry; and those who aspire to become world-class leaders tend to be attracted toward me while others began to disassociate and stay away. No hard feeling against the decisions of the latter 🙂 I still sympathize & emphasize those underdogs who rather decided, consciously or unconsciously, to spend their energy, focus & time in the past, complain about how badly they were treated, and how the world is unfair against them. I simply accepted that I’m not the right person to help those who plan to stay in this mood forever.

My commitment is to those who refuse to settle underdog for the rest of their lives. For those bold & committed underdogs, I vowed to remain their cheerleader to inspire, equip, & empower them to believe in themselves and bring out their best. For those who determined to work on their mentality, competencies & character to transform their lives, organizations & communities from underdog to topdog.

If you’re such an underdog, stay connected on social media and also continue to read my regular blogs, watch the empowering video clips and interviews I conduct with topdogs to learn from their experience on how they worked on their mindset, skills, and personality, and character to transform their lives from underdog to topdog. You too can be like them in your own unique ways…

You have what it takes. You deserve it! You live once in this world and it is unfair for your true self, your family, your kids, and the next-generation, if you die without tapping into your full potential and giving the world your best based on your strengths, passion, gifting, and talents. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can learn from the experience of those underdogs turned topdogs, customize it to your objective conditions to transform your life, then your organization, and even your community from underdog to topdog! I believe in you. I’m here to support you…

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