What kind of consulting services do we provide?

We are committed to providing consulting services to our existing clients and partners in our industry.

These services include:

  • Organizational Consulting. Helping you form, reform, and scale your organization.
  • Market Consulting. Supporting you market, brand, and advertise your business.


What are Our Consulting gig packages?

We have two packages depending on your needs:

  • Done with You. We coach you throughout the process from requirement gathering to the end so that you can implement the deliverables effectively.
  • Done for You. Done with You plus we take the lead throughout the process from requirements gathering, scoping the project, researching, and finally implementing on your behalf. We do everything while understanding your needs, and gathering requirements, and feedback from you.

What Consulting Model Do We Follow?

Our consulting services follow a simple and straightforward model (see below):

  • Discover (Identifying the problem and setting goals phase),
  • Define (Outlining and scoping phase),
  • Deliver (Submitting the deliverables phase), and
  • Deploy (Implementing/administering and evaluation phase).


If you choose Done with You package, we’ll participate up to Delivery, and You implement the final product (deliverable [s]).

If you choose Done for You, we’ll not only deliver, but we also be involved in the implementation.

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Below are the available Done with You and Done for You full-fledged (A to Z) consulting services:

  • Establishing Organizations. Assist you in designing, forming, and launching your first or next organization successfully within a SHORT period and without WASTING lots of unnecessary resources such as your FINANCE, ENERGY, and yours and your people’s TIME.
  • Reforming Cultures. Help you transform your culture to transform your organization by creating a unique culture or reform the existing culture and make it vibrant which in turn increases PRODUCTIVITY, improves COLLABORATION, Elevates MORALE, creates SYNERGY, and HARMONY within a SHORT TIME giving you a huge COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.
  • Scaling Organizations. Assist you in preparing to take your organization to the next level by creating robust systems, and processes, automating, and integrating these to scale your organization in order to fulfill your Vision, meet your long-term Goals, serve a larger number of CLIENTS and STAKEHOLDERS by taking your organization to the next level QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY.
  • Refining Marketing, Branding, and Sales Processes. Support you in reengineering your entire processes of marketing, branding, and sales to tap into the opportunities and overcome the challenges today’s marketplace presents by leveraging your UNIQUENESS, STORIES, and the potential and talent of your PEOPLE, and by using your scarce RESOURCES smartly and strategically.
  • Building, Configuring, and Launching Funnels. Assist you in structuring and pricing your frontend, and backend products and services, design, integrate, automate, launch, and promote your first or next funnel, and make it EVERGREEN and PROFITABLE.
  • Designing, Setting, and Administering Ads. Help you pick the right frontend product to offer, craft your ad strategies, identify the right market and audience, USP, ad platforms, write killer SALES COPIES for your social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube), configure, test, run, and evaluate your ads that attract the right CLIENTS (audience), convert quality PROSPECTS, and increase the SALES of your message, products, and services.
  • Crafting, Refining, and Pitching Products, Services, and Ideas. Help you articulate your selling points, train, give you feedback, and coach you to pitch your products, services, and ideas on multiple platforms to investors, sponsors, venture capitalists, and strategic partners.
  • Outlining, Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Books. Support you in selecting the right title, outline, draft, publish, promote on various platforms, and distribute your 1st or next book and give it a fighting chance to become a BESTSELLER.

How does it work?

  • We have two packages (Done with You and Done for You to choose from. Identify the package right for you.
  • Pick the right package for you, fill out and submit the Copywriting Gigs Request Form.
  • We will evaluate your request and see if we’re the right fit and have availability to meet your needs. If we’re not the right fit or unavailable, we notify you via email within 24 – 48 hours.
  • We will then send you an email with a Zoom link to have a free consultation session to:
  • Identify your consulting goals,
  • Acknowledge your choices,
  • Finalize the outline of the consulting, and
  • Discuss the next steps.
  • We’ll enter an agreement that clearly states the scope of the project, the final deliverables, and the responsibilities of all parties. Half of the agreed consulting fee will be paid before the start of the project, and half after the deliverables are submitted.

Note: If you may have any questions or need further explanation, don’t hesitate to reach out via [email protected]