Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, and inspiring keynote or motivational speaker for your next event?


Then, don’t look far. Invite Dr. AZ. Since 2010, AZ has been inspiring, challenging, and equipping teams and organizations to aim high, tap into their individual and collective unlimited potential, grow holistically, become the best versions of themselves, and be great in what they do.


AZ is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and has been speaking at major events both in the US and abroad to serve some government agencies, corporations, and community organizations.


He custom designs and delivers high-impact presentations that empower your audience to experience transformation using concepts and strategies founded on science, case studies, and inspiring stories.


Learn more and request Dr. AZ for your next event. If he is available and the right speaker, he and his team closely work with your team to make sure he understands your needs, goals, and audience to make sure he meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Do you desire to experience personal or organizational transformation by getting tailored one-on-one or group coaching?

Then, request Dr. AZ, a certified coach, who can motivate, guide, stretch, and make you accountable for your own goals, take you to the next level and ultimately achieve undeniable results that come with an upgraded mindset, improved skills, and well-molded personality.


AZ understands that tapping into your limitless individual and collective potential, becoming world-class in what you do, and unchaining your greatness in your own unique ways is a protracted and twisted journey, which needs constant growth.


On this journey, recruit Dr. AZ as your coach. He is a certified coach who has been providing customized individual and group coaching for years with the aid of self and multi-rater assessments.


Learn more about the available coaching programs and apply. If you’re accepted and he is the right coach for you, we’ll schedule a one-on-one consultative session to dive deep and learn more about your coaching needs, goals, preferences, and more.

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Do you need custom-designed programs to grow your people holistically and transform your organization?


Then, Dr. AZ is the right expert. Whether you need a stand-alone workshop or a cohort program custom designed for your team, let Dr. AZ and his team help you.


He designs and delivers programs based on the latest adult learning principles.

Our programs are very interactive, dynamic, engaging, and result oriented.

The latest insights, workable models and frameworks, practical approaches, tools, strategies, and tactics your people will get from our programs are the best in the industry. They can be used right away to see immediate results.



Are you interested to shorten the learning curve and see changes and results quickly?


Well, let Dr. AZ and his team consult you.


We provide content and copywriting services for your website landing pages; blogs and articles; emails; video, webinar, and presentation scripts; funnel pages; and social media ads.

We can also help you establish your 1st or next organization, create a unique and robust culture, systematize and scale your organization, prepare and deliver your next pitch, publish your first or next book, improve your copy and content writing, create and launch funnels, and so on.

We can serve you at the level of involvement you’re interested in. We provide three levels of consulting services.



Some of the latest books from Dr. AZ

Overcoming 1st Timers Syndrome

11 antidotes to thrive beyond first-time leadership pitfalls

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The Highest Level of Greatness

Discover the 3 traits of the great ones commonly possessed to become the best version of themselves

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Unchain Your Greatness

Exploring, Enacting, Enduring, and Emancipating your greatness

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Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success

12 soft skills to manage yourself, become a team player, and lead your team to absolute success

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    Past & Current Clients


    If you desire to raise world-class leaders and become topdog/great in what you do individually and collectively, check out the following three services.

    World-class LeadersTM

    We’re committed to raising world-class leaders who enable their lives, families, organizations, and communities to tap into the opportunities the 21st century presents and overcome the challenges it poses. Learn More >>

    Underdog to TopdogTM

    We’re committed to transforming underdogs to topdogs in the area of their passion by bringing transformation in mindset and personal development! Learn More >>

    Underdog to GreatTM

    We’re committed to empowering you to transform your life from underdog to great in the area of your passion. Learn More >>


    Some like-minded friends together with Dr. AZ established the two non-profit organizations. Team up with them to accomplish the mission and realization of the visions of these two initiatives.

    Assegid Habtewold Ministries


    AHM is committed to restoring the greatness of humanity one person at a time. The Ministry is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, non-denominational (trans-denominational) faith-based teaching ministry registered in Maryland, USA. Its teachings are authentic, empowering, uplifting, and life-changing…


    Learn More

    PRO Leadership Global


    PRO Leadership PROmotes leadership and PROduces leaders to bridge the leadership gaps to tackle the major challenges in the world one community at a time starting from Africa. The organization is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt registered in Maryland, USA…


    Learn More




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    If you would like to set up a one-on-one chat with Dr. AZ, let’s know and we’ll set it up for you.



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