My upcoming book- Preface

My upcoming book: Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome (Preface)

Why I wrote the book?

I wrote this book because I know what it feels like to be afraid. We all have fears for certain things, especially when we are exposed to them for the first time. As a kid, I remember being afraid of dark places and cemeteries. Now, I don’t fear them at all. Why? I was afraid because I didn’t know enough about these places. Knowledge takes away any mystery.

Everything first is scary. It is a syndrome we all are familiar with. Think about your first drive, date, interview, and other experiences. You most probably still remember them vividly. As you increased your knowledge, skills, and practiced them again and again, you overcame the first-timer syndrome in those areas. You began relaxing, enjoying, and mastering these things with ease.

Likewise, you need to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and apply these to overcome first-timer syndrome as an emerging leader. You need to be aware of the symptoms of first-timer syndrome such as the feeling of uneasiness, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. You should also be knowledgeable about how these signs may ruin your chance to succeed and make a smooth transition… To read the rest, click this link:

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