Personal Development

Many individuals (especially underdogs) live under their full potential. Though they have unlimited potential within and are meant to become great in the area of their passion, they don’t take personal development seriously. They don’t realize that tapping into one’s limitless potential requires achieving personal mastery. It is the foundation to attain one’s individual and collective greatness.

Many organizations now understand the importance of investing in the personal development of their people. They realized that the organization doesn’t attain its greatness unless it empowers its people to tap into their full potential. Accordingly, they either invite personal development professionals into their organization to design and deliver programs tailored for their people or send their people to attend in-person and/or virtual personal development programs to:

  • Know their uniqueness,
  • Leverage their strengths,
  • Overcome their limitations,
  • Uncover their blind spots,
  • Improve their competencies, and
  • Build their personality and character to attain personal mastery.

Personal development is a vast industry that involves working on our self-awareness, health, wellness, relationships, and so on. Though we encourage our clients to work in all aspects of their personal development, our personal development programs are designed to complement our leadership and spiritual development programs to bring change in the following 3 personal development areas:

  • Self-awareness,
  • Self-management, and
  • Self-mastery.

We can design and deliver customized personal development programs unique to your people. These programs:

  • Inspire,
  • Equip, and
  • Empower your people to recognize their unlimited potential, their uniqueness, the reason for their existence, envision, and discover their values to tap into their limitless potential, transform their lives from underdog to great, and ultimately serve their organization or community with excellence and by giving their best.

Personal development is also the foundation for our leadership and spiritual development programs. Leadership begins with self. A leader who leads herself and the resources at her disposal can successfully lead her team and the organization’s resources effectively. Likewise, tapping into one’s greatness requires tapping into one’s spiritual side. Spiritual awakening comes when someone knows his true identity which requires a heightened self-awareness. For someone who has been working on her personal development, spiritual development has a solid foundation to build on.

We closely work with you to understand your needs and aspirations and design the right program for your people.

Our programs will be delivered based on the latest adult learning principles. There will be:

  • Short presentations,
  • Role plays,
  • Large and small groups, and
  • Pairing discussions.

We provide a workbook for each program. If opted, participants will take assessments for some of the topics.

These programs can be delivered as:

  • 1- 3 day workshops in retreat format, or
  • A few weeks group coaching style, or
  • For up to 6 months in a cohort system.

In the latter case, there will be orientation, participants will get pre-readings and follow-up emails in between sessions, and a graduation in the end.


On top of designing and delivering personal development programs for your people, if you are interested, you can also request Dr. AZ to:

  1. Speak at one of your future events on personal development
  2. Coach you one-on-one or in group to equip you increase your self-awareness, improve your self-managment, and ultimately attain personal mastery.

Reach out to our team at and let’s work together to design the right personal development program for your team (s).

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