Succeeding as New Executive from the start

Becoming an executive cannot easily be attained. One must take many leadership roles before getting to the executive leadership level. However, getting to this senior-level leadership comes with some opportunities and perks. Compared to a midlevel manager, an executive has more leverage to make high stake decisions. An executive has also access to important info, and the ability to utilize critical resources with lots of flexibility.

Of course, with such senior-level authority and privileges come lots of accountability and responsibilities. Many executives find themselves under pressure on multiple fronts. As a result, there is high turnover. One of CEB’s research estimated that, whether promoted from within or hired from outside, 50 – 70% of executives leave within one year and half of taking their executive role. These new executives either resign, quit, or are forced to leave.

But, why? The main reason for such high turnover is the lack of leadership development programs. A survey of 2,600 Fortune 1000 executives showed that 76% of executives found formal development processes were inadequate. Many executives are placed in senior leadership positions with lots of high-stake responsibilities without getting the proper education.

The Senior Leaders program equips executives with the necessary executive-level competencies to make a smooth transition into a senior leadership role and stay enough to have meaningful impacts. The program empowers senior leaders to develop the necessary competencies they need to create the right corporate culture, develop leaders at all levels, create important internal and external partnerships, initiate and lead changes to advance the mission of the organization, and translate its vision into realities.

Who: Midlevel managers aspiring to become executives, recently promoted executives and senior executives.

Learning Objectives:

The main goal of this program is to equip senior leaders to fulfill their executive leadership mandates by aligning their people alongside the mission of the organization, creating an empowering corporate culture, building a learning institution, growing leaders, and forming strategic partnerships. Below are the specific objectives of the program:

  • To align key stakeholders alongside the mission, vision, core values, and strategies of the organization
  • To create the right corporate culture and a learning institution that raises leaders at all levels who are equipped to meet their individual, team, departmental, and ultimately organizational goals
  • To fine-tune the necessary leadership skills mandatory to provide executive leadership such as emotional fitness, ethical executive decision making, initiating and leading organizational change, and impactful communication.
  • To form new and strengthening the existing strategic partnerships to expand the influence of the organization
  • To get up-to-date leadership insights, latest models and tools, workable strategies, and tactics to succeed as executives.

Format: 30 – 90 minutes keynote (in person or virtually)


  1. The recently published book “Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome”, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, will be given to participants as a bonus.
  2. As a follow-up to this keynote, we can customize and deliver our 12 sessions Senior Leaders leadership development program for your first-timers.
  3. You can also request the Senior Leaders program to be given to your executive leaders in the form of group coaching.
  4. Participants will be given a soft copy of the upcoming book on the same theme as soon as it is published.
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