Becoming a Person of Deeds

Have you been asking yourself why people- some even aren’t smarter than you, achieving more than you do? Have you been wondering why you aren’t getting what you believe and speak about? Have you been sick and tired of the inconsistencies between what you talk about and what manifests? In this Episode- Becoming a Person of Deeds, you’ll be introduced to the power of actions in translating your dreams into realities.

At the early stage of my leadership, I learned one seemingly simple but powerful lesson. If you ask me what helped me to get where I’m in life pursuing my passion; if you ask me how come a guy like me with so many disadvantages came to the US and started from scratched to get where I’m now traveling around the country empowering leaders, it doesn’t take me to think a lot. It was my decision to act on whatever I learned right away. Yes, even now, I still need to learn more, to go to the next level. However, with what I know so far, I have been taking actions, sometimes, with little knowledge.

When I started it all, I didn’t have the clarity I shared in this episode. I was desperate to change my life. I was living in one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia without many options to improve my life. I didn’t have the vast information and opportunities I’ve now in the US. Out of desperation and eagerness to transform my life, I didn’t wait. I didn’t care whether people would laugh at me or not. I cared less about whether I looked foolish.

Now, I can tell you boldly that you cannot succeed in life, especially if you are an underdog with so many disadvantages unless you become a person of deeds. You must despise the shame that comes from taking actions. You must be willing to look stupid in the face of setbacks when some of your actions fail to deliver the results you originally anticipated. If your desire in this world, as you live in it only once, is to lead a fulfilling life, career, and business, you must dare and willing to experience failure, again and again.

Don’t forget. Only a person of action fails. Those who are too careful, yes, they may not fail because they don’t act, but they go nowhere. They are prisoners of their own fear. They paralyze themselves imagining the worst from their actions, and as a result, they leash their soul depriving themselves of a chance to succeed in what they do. They never live fully, serve the world with their uniqueness, and ultimately die empty leaving a legacy that outlast them. Don’t take this road. Choose to become a person of deeds.

Before I proceed; let me create a connection between the previous episodes and this one. The past episodes encouraged you to:

  • Believe in your unlimited potential,
  • Recognize the uniqueness that predisposes you to excel, and
  • Appreciate the power of talking right even in the midst of facing setbacks and while things look bad.

In this episode, you will learn the importance of backing your beliefs and talk with proportionate actions. There must be a match between your beliefs, words, and deeds. Many people aren’t getting what they desperately want mainly because there is a disconnection somewhere in the process. When you get this principle, and most importantly, use it, you will never remain the same.

Think about the Farmer and Seeds analogy I shared with you in one of the previous episodes. The Farmer believes in his seeds and their potential. He keeps speaking about when he will sow them and the results he would harvest once they turn into seedlings, plants, flowers, and then harvest at the end of that season. However, it is useless if he just had a strong belief and the right talking about the seeds. Until he puts them into the soil, nothing will happen. He must take one action after another until he gets what he wants.

What so ever great potential the seeds might have, what so ever positive confessions he would make about turning the seeds into harvest, nothing comes out of those seeds and his empty talks until he takes action.

The same with you and I. Yes, we are underdogs. Regardless, we believe that we have unlimited potential. We also began talking right (we covered this in the last episode). So far, so good! However, the equation isn’t yet complete without becoming a person of deeds. You and I will remain underdogs without backing our beliefs and talks with bold deeds.

Once I heard someone sharing a true but funny story. A new convert fanatic religious man was so reckless that he missed the sowing season deliberately. He waited till the last minutes, only weeks left before the harvest season. That was only then he went out borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars to sow his seed in his vast farm. He thought his belief alone can violate the universal truth of sowing and reaping, and risked it all to find out that the seeds couldn’t even break through the soil, let alone to flourish and deliver results. It was awesome he had great faith and for sure he was speaking what he believed but he didn’t take the proper action when it mattered the most. As a result, he lost his farm for creditors 🙂

Okay, this guy is fanatic and went to the extreme. Were there times we too neglected to match our actions with our beliefs and talk when it mattered the most? How many times have we missed the boat? Looking back, how many times we hesitated to act and now we regret badly?

Looking back, I’ve many ‘regrets’ because I hesitated and failed to act. Of course, I cannot change what happened. I failed. I was complacent. Nonetheless, today, what matters the most for me is to become a person of deeds and take as many actions as possible. I don’t want to be known for my beliefs and talks alone. I want to back it up by becoming a person of deeds. What about you?

If your desire is to tap into your limitless potential and bridge the gap between what you believe and talk, and witness the ultimate manifestations you desperately need, become a person of deeds. And, this episode inspires, equips, and encourages you to go out and start this rewarding journey one action at a time…

Speaking your future and what you desire is one thing but totally useless without backing it up with actions, sometimes, bold and massive actions. And, you have what it takes. You just need to develop the right mindset and habit…

Unfortunately, many, some because of faulty teachings, ignore or neglect deeds. For instance, I was a student of the Law of Attraction. I watched the Secret movie and joined the movement practicing talking right to attract the right things. I got some results right away but slowly, as many discovered it, I realized that I couldn’t get everything I desire by just wishing. I recognized that I couldn’t attract everything I wish without backing it up with proportionate deeds like the new convert fanatic religious man I mentioned earlier. It also occurred to me that I couldn’t actually violate some universal laws to get what I desire just because I have the belief to attract. For example, I cannot drop the sun out of the sky just because I believe it happens. I cannot also see the coming picture of my dreams without taking proper actions and on time. Taking action isn’t solely about the activity, it is also about the timing. Some truths, insights, and opportunities expire unless we enact them in a timely manner.

Action is proof that you actually have faith in your words…

In Episode 4, I showed a connection between belief, words, and actions. Using some practical analogies, examples, and stories, I made sure you are well equipped to become a person of deeds. Remember, you cannot turn yourself from an underdog to great without action. Not just any action, sometimes bold and massive actions. By the way, in my book- ‘Unchain Your Greatness’, I talked about the 4Es of greatness- Explore, Enact, Endure, and Emancipate your greatness to the fullest. In Part II of the book- Enact on the truths you discovered, I narrated some stories of the great ones from diverse cultures and generations you and I admire, and how they were enacted based on their discoveries quickly and boldly. Let me stop it here.

If you like what you have read so far, I encourage you to watch Episode 4- Becoming a Person of Deeds. In this episode, I pointed out how what we believe and say must be backed with deeds. I used two analogies- car driving and ship maneuvering to explain the significance of taking action. In this episode, I also used some examples and weaved my own experience.

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Emotional Fitness

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Talk Right!

Do your words and results mismatch? You have been talking and talking great things but they never fruition? Have you been asking yourself, again and again, why am I having realities that don’t align with my dreams? Are you having manifestations that you don’t like? If you have answered yes to one of these questions, could it be because you don’t believe in your words? Could it be because you are careless in your talk? Well, in Episode 3- Talk Right, I’ll give you the insights and tips you need to make it right.

Let me first give you a quick background about the place of words. You might already be aware of the different arguments about whether creations within the universe came to existence through evolution or a one-time dramatic manner. I’ll not take you there. However, one thing seems to bring all the parties together. This life-sustaining universe came to existence within a few seconds. Many in this field agree that the universe didn’t come through an evolutionary process. It was a dramatic short span occurrence of seconds, maybe minutes. Their difference is who did it. While some believe that God spoke the universe into existence others believe that there was a big bang though they don’t acknowledge nor propose who caused the big bang.

Today in this episode, my goal is neither to broker the two parties nor to bring any fresh argument concerning how the universe came to reality and who did it. I mentioned this ongoing two schools of thought to let you know that I fall under the group that believes the universe came to existence through a spoken word from God. I wasn’t there and thus cannot prove it. However, it makes no sense to me how such a dramatic display of power within seconds and minutes could have been done other than talk from a divine being.

Think about this. You are a result of a 9-month pregnancy, an evolutionary mechanism. If you want to get an apple, wheat, what have you, you must follow an evolutionary approach that involves sowing, fertilizing, watering, and finally harvesting. If you would like to build just a tower, you know the drill. On the other hand, how many years do you think it takes to bring forth the universe (the stars, planets, and the physical laws that govern these gigantic creations)? I cannot think of a mechanism that brought first one start, then the next, and one planet, and the next, and finally once all were in place, this process did put in place physical laws to govern the co-existence of these gigantic creations. Anyways, I’m trying to let you know how I think and what I believe. Other than that, you don’t need to agree with me. You are entitled to have your own hypothesis. Don’t forget. We all have hypotheses; no own could offer proof in this regard…

Let’s set aside the big stuff like how the universe came to existence in the first place. Too abstract and far removed, at least for many. However, whether you believe the way I do or not when it comes to the place of words in this universe, my hope in this episode is to show you the effects of words against humans and even other creations like water and plants. Based on two simple experiments, I showed how the way the experimenters where talking impacted the final outcomes of the experiments. To learn more about these tryouts, check out Episode 3- Talk Right!

Before we proceed, I have a couple of disclaimers:

  1. Careless talks won’t bring any intended results– good or bad. Talks backed by faith and those that could invoke strong emotions (negative or positive) have consequences. There are cheap and weak talks. They are inconsequential.
  2. Talking is just one weapon to get the results you want. You need to back up your words with actions. By the way, Episode 4, provides more insights, and tips about the power of deeds. In the meantime, just know that the stronger and consistent the actions, the greater the results.

Let me quickly answer this question, which might already cross your mind. If our talks have such power, why then many speak to harvest negative results contrary to their wish and what they are saying?

  1. It is our second nature. Many of us have been conditioned to speak negatively since childhood. The people around us have been training us, may not be deliberately, to focus on what is wrong and talk about these to death.
  2. It takes faith, commitment, and discipline to speak positively. Very few discipline themselves to talk positively. It takes energy and continual efforts, especially in the face of disappointments and setbacks, to speak positively and optimistically.
  3. It is expected of us to fit in. Speaking negatively gives us the license to fit in. In many circles, you are expected to lower your expectations and talk ‘modestly’. Many underdogs, in the name of humility, depreciate their values and talk carelessly about who they are and their potential. Humility is key to leadership. You shouldn’t brag and inflate yourself and what you can do. However, it isn’t humility to tarnish yourself. You can be humble and at the same time assertive of yourself and your potential. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Remember these:

  • If you believe in it, talk about it. If you are hesitating, your faith is corrupted. The proof that you have faith is speaking about the things you want to manifest or go away.
  • If you don’t talk about it, know that you most probably won’t see it. Your words have creative power. Sow your words, and harvest your results. There is no short cut.
  • What you possess today were what you talked about yesterday. If you haven’t yet achieved and secured what you want, begin talking right to get it tomorrow. Talk Right- Sow Right, in order to Harvest Right in the end.
  • What you don’t talk about, you won’t defeat. The giants in your life, not necessarily humans, don’t respond to sheepishness. They don’t bow out of your life through begging and lowering your expectations. Speak to your mountain (giant), and it becomes a dwarf. It dissipates at the end of the day.

If you like what you have read so far, I encourage you to watch Episode 3- Talk Right!. In this episode, I pointed out how what we say matters, determine the results we get, and the destiny we inherit at the end of the day. I also shared two powerful experiments that show the power of words. I also shared my own experience of how I have been watching my mouth, filter what I say, and more.

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Once you watched it, don’t forget to share it with those who may benefit from it, especially those who are experiencing temporal defeats and disappointments right now because they aren’t talking right. You know many out there who think that speaking carelessly, and trashy is okay and won’t affect their mood, health, relationships, career, business, and ultimately their destiny. Reach out to them with this video clip. Who knows, this could launch them into a new way of life where they start to shape their destiny.

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Imposter Syndrome- Dealing with your inner critic voice

If you are feeling inadequate, not ready to step up and go to the next level, struggling within and questioning your worth and achievements, you need to watch this short clip I recorded on my phone while I was traveling. To get these kinds of tips on a consistent basis, subscribe to the Dr. AZ Show, follow me on social media by going to Let me know your thoughts on social media, engage with me and others by asking questions and sharing your perspectives. That is how you grow as a leader and transform yourself from an underdog to great! Enjoy your well-deserving weekend! #Underdogs #impostersyndrome #DrAZShow #LeadershipForUnderdogs

Serving Based on Your Uniqueness

Have you been struggling to stand out? Have you wondered why some people and companies are so competitive and always at the top? Are you wondering how you may excel in what you do?

If you said yes to one of these questions, you need to read this blog and watch the corresponding episode. Episode 2 is for you. As an underdog, you cannot afford to be like everybody else. You must differentiate yourself from the crowd. When you do that you remain relevant wherever you go and wherever you serve.

I still remember the old days where I was clueless about my unique propositions. I was passionate, and out there in the open trying to make an impact. I was shooting in all directions and missing every single time. At one point, frustration set in and I sat down to get answers. These were the questions I was asking:

  1. Why am I in the same place too long?
  2. What am I missing to go to the next level?
  3. Why is too much work to get little results?
  4. And other similar questions?

I’m glad to report to you that the answers to these questions led me to discover my unique edge. All of a sudden, I began to:

  1. Realize that I’ve a unique purpose,
  2. Appreciate my disappointments and disadvantages, and
  3. Embrace the things that made me ashamed. I decided to turn these scars and missteps into my won unique advantage to serve others in unique ways.

Before we proceed, I want you to stop and answer these questions:

  1. What is your unique purpose? In other words, what is your distinctive mission in life? I’ll come back again on this theme to produce a couple of episodes. For now, I want you to think about this: What is that one thing unless you commit to it, you cannot have peace and rest? What is that one assignment you feel like no one but you will do it? What is that one mission if you accomplish it during your life time, you don’t mind dying the next day? For more, read Part 1 of my book ‘The Highest Level of Greatness: Purpose-Oriented, Vision-centered, and Values-driven greatness. Expect also a book coming out this year specifically designed to empower you to discover, pursue, and fulfill your unique purpose. Believe me, if you haven’t yet when you discover your assignment in life, it immediately decorates your life; it distinguishes you. It gives you a competitive edge.
  2. Do you have unique gifting or talent? Many people succeeded because of finding, nurturing, and employing their unique talent and/or gifting. I don’t have any. If you have one, that could give you a competitive edge to excel and lead a great life.
  3. What are some of your unique experiences, disappointments, missteps, and failures? Don’t tell me that you don’t know your unique purpose, and you don’t have unique talent or gifting. Okay, got it. But, don’t tell me that you never stumbled, you mastered every aspect of your life, and never miss stepped? You can use these unique happenings to serve others. You have learned some insights, developed wisdom as you made the mistakes and came out of the trouble you were in or, at least, you have now some tips that may help others who find in the same spot you were to avoid your mistakes, learn from your experience, and overcome the challenges they are facing.  

If you have not yet, pick your unique lane. It is not crowded and allows you to excel. As far as you are serving your community, the world around you, your clients, and/or customers based on your unique path, you flourish and tap into your unlimited potential.

If you like what you have read so far, I encourage you to watch Episode 2 of Dr. AZ Show. In this episode, I pointed out how successful people and companies carved their own unique brand to remain competitive even in bad times. I also shared 3 potential areas where you could find your uniqueness. I also shared my own experience of how I have been attempting to serve based on my uniqueness.

If you have not checked it out, in the previous episode, I talked about the importance of becoming a potential conscious. However, understanding that you have great potential is the foundation. Every human being has almost the same potential as you do have. That is not your unique proposition to the world. The knowledge of your potential is key to anything meaningful you would do going forward. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, you need to know your uniqueness.

The underdogs I studied were very clear about their unique edge. They picked their lane. Hundreds, thousands, and in some cases millions followed them because they were on their unique path without being duplicates. They flew at a wavelength no one had flown.

If you don’t pick your lane and tap into what makes you unique, it is an uphill battle for you as an underdog. You cannot shine on a road crowded by others who have better resources, connections, and portfolios. Your uniqueness is your competitive advantage.

Think about some of the successful startups, which were underdogs when they began their journey. The ones that succeeded and outsmarted their competitors were those that had unique propositions. They didn’t have the money and platform, to begin with. Think about the uniqueness Apple brought to defeat the giant IBM? Think about Singapore, a tiny city-state. They were underdogs in their respective fields. But, they found their uniqueness that made them competitive and today Apple is one of the most successful corporations in the world while Singapore has the highest personal GDP in the world.

What do you have as an underdog that positions you to shine? All underdogs who transformed themselves into greats had weapons that disarmed their goliaths. What is your unique ‘weapon’ that sets you apart?

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to this channel, its podcast, share it with the people that you care about, continue to engage with Dr. AZ on social media as he further shares daily inspirational posts on this the same theme. Go to to follow him on social media. Stay tuned for the next episode.

Once you watched it, don’t forget to share it with those who may benefit from it, especially those who are experiencing temporal defeats and disappointments right now.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast version, here you go:

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