Organizational Development

Dr. AZ provides organizational development programs to empower:

  • Team members,
  • Admin staff,
  • Supervisors,
  • Managers, and
  • Executives to fulfill their mandate and meet their individual and corporate goals for organizational success.

The programs focus on three major aspects of your organization: 

  1. Creating and nurturing the right organizational culture.
  2. Supporting new supervisors, managers, and executives to make a smooth transition and excel at their new leadership role.
  3. Building organizational capacity by developing the organizational competencies of team members, staff, supervisors, managers, and executives so that they may fulfill their job description and play their fair share toward the success of their teams, departments, and ultimately the organization. 

We can design and deliver transition and transformation programs for:

  1. New Supervisors. We offer programs to prepare 1st-time team leaders, project managers, supervisors, and new business owners to make a smooth transition and excel in their first-time leadership roles.
  2. New Managers. We provide programs that equip 1st time middle leaders to make a successful transition from supervising at the front to mastering leading from the middle successfully.
  3. New Executives. We design programs to empower 1st-time executives to make an effective transition to executive leadership & successfully fulfilling their mandates right away.
  4. Cultural Transformation. We deliver programs that empower your leaders to play their fair share to transform their organization by contributing their share in creating & nurturing a unique culture.
  5. Organizational Competence Building. We can design organizational competence programs for your team members and leaders alike. Programs that empower participants to fulfill their obligations and job descriptions.

Note: Reach out to our team at and let’s work together to design the right organizational development programs for your team members, admin staff, and leaders at various levels. 

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