Excerpt- The most urgent Antidote

“…The most urgent antidote you need as a first-timer is knowledge. You need to ‘know your place’ to overcome the first-timer syndrome. This knowledge will be the foundation to build on as you overcome the syndrome expediently. This knowledge should begin from:

1. Knowing who you truly are,

2. What it takes to succeed in your first-timer position,

3. The people with whom you work, and

4. The organization, its history, mission, vision, values, strategies, and culture…” Antidote 1, p. 38

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Excerpt- Providing Performance Feedback

“…Providing feedback is very important, but many leaders don’t do it at all or do it badly. In both cases, they shouldn’t be blamed. Providing feedback is hard, especially negative feedback. However, as a first-timer leader, if you haven’t yet, you should begin to provide feedback to your people and your superiors. Of course, providing feedback to your bosses is beyond the scope of this book, but take note and make it one of your future growth goals, which we will cover in the last chapter. One of the qualities upper management looks for from junior leaders like yourself is your ability to offer constructive feedback to your peers and supervisors. 

For now, let’s focus on how you should give proper performance feedback to your team members. I’m sure you have given feedback before. How do you feel about your past ability to provide feedback? Do you think you did it properly? Did your feedback improve performance? If not, what was lacking? To help you assess your past feedback approaches and make adjustments, let me give you some tips. 

Overall, in the workplace, we can divide feedbacks into three types: 

1. Instant feedback. You give this feedback on the spot, whether privately or publicly. Such instant feedback can’t wait or doesn’t make sense if you do it later. For instance, if you can’t hear someone over the phone or in a virtual environment, ask them to speak up. But don’t give instant feedback that can wait. Performance feedback can wait at least until the next break. 

2. Performance-driven feedback. You should make providing performance feedback a culture. People need to know where they stand in terms of their performance. You can use feedback once in a while to let your people know what is working that they should keep on doing and what areas need improvement. 

3. Growth-centered feedback. You may decide to grow some of your team members to succeed you or someone else. You need to give them opportunities, such as delegation, to learn the ropes, and then give them periodic feedback to help them grow and become better. 

Here, our focus is giving performance-driven feedback. The Center for Creative Leadership has a nice model called Situation-Behavior-Impact. Most feedback- giving models share these three steps. First, you state the situation you’re concerned about…” Overcoming 1st Timer book, Antidote 8 (Strive for Excellence), 8.3. Giving Performance Feedback, p. 162 – 63.

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Amazon #1 Best Seller

Thank you to everyone who contributed (by providing feedback on the manuscript, endorsements, reviews, liking/sharing on social media, etc.) toward the success of the Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome book. Before it even hit the 1-week mark since its release on August 26th, it has achieved an important milestone- Amazon’s #1 Best Seller.

I look forward to your continued support as we reach as many new team leaders, supervisors, project managers, and business owners as possible.

If you’ve not yet, join the movement, and let’s defeat 1st Timer Syndrome together. Let emerging leaders tap into their full potential by developing unshakable confidence even if they aren’t yet mastering their new role.

Let’s stop the leadership starvation many organizations and communities are facing because of the syndrome which is coming in the way and preventing many from stepping into their first-time leadership role, and some from going to the next level of new leadership position. We can do it together! Let’s do this…









Edith Eger quote in Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome

Chapter 2 (Own Your Place) of Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome began quoting Edith Eva Eger, Holocaust survivor and psychologist, who asserted: “To be passive is to let others decide for you. To be aggressive is to decide for others. To be assertive is to decide for yourself. And to trust that there is enough, that you are enough.”

Many first-timers feel unprepared, not enough, and inadequate when they are placed in a new leadership role. And therefore, they become tentative, hesitant, passive, and even pushover and as a result fail to assert and be in charge the sooner to succeed at their new leadership role.

The chapter shows first-time leaders how to increase their self-regard by demonstrating confidence in their words, decisions, and actions from the get-go; how to overcome imposter syndrome; how to become assertive without appearing cocky or like a bully; and how to set boundaries by setting parameters, deciding interactions, and setting expectations from the start. In short, the chapter shows them that it is possible to be confident while remaining humble.

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If you have already order and got a chance to read the book, I’d appreciate it if you share your honest review to encourage other readers to check it out. Looking forward to getting your feedback.

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